Monday, January 26, 2015

The story of four candles!

THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD  (Key stage 1 and 2)

What would you be like if you were a candle?
- tall, wide, pretty and decorated, ordinary?

I'd like to introduce you to four of my friends:

Derek. He is different and dotty
Wilberforce. Is wide and white
Penelope. Is purple and posh
and then there is Tim the tea light!

They argued about who was the best.

Christians believe that Jesus was born just like us.
He came to earth not as a different or dotty candle, not as a wide and white candle, not as purple and posh, not as a tea light - but as someone very ordinary.

[introduce another very plain red or white candle, but light it]

But there was a difference.

What is the difference?
[hopefully children will say that the candle representing Jesus is lit]

Jesus was alive in a way that Derek, Wilberforce, Penelope and Tim the tea light were not.
He loved God. He spent time with God. He loved everything about God - about the way God worked; the words God spoke. He saw this world the way God saw it.

And Jesus saw people as God saw them. He loved them. He saw them as more than just dotty or wide or tall or a tea light. He healed them, fed the hungry, challenged those who settled for second best, gave hope to the crushed. He showed them that life can be different, that life will be different. He showed them that they were meant to burn.

Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world' (John 9.5)

And if you come to me, you can burn like me.

[bring the four candles to Jesus, and light them from him]

And the amazing thing is that when Derek, Wilberforce, Penelope and Tim were all lit - they realised that they didn't need to argue who was the best, because they realised that although they were all different, they all shone with the same light.

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