Monday, December 17, 2012

for a Christingle service

You will need several different candles with a central lit candle

Introduce your different candles: red, purple, white, painted - tall/thin, more rounded, small and stubby, smelly. 

All different, but all candles and all made to burn and give off light.

A bit like us! All different, but people and all made by God for a purpose:
- to be light in the world
- to be stars
(not celebrities - but to shine for truth, love, kindness, mercy, service)

The problem is that we don't: we're like these candles. They look good, but something is missing!

How do we begin to shine?
- Perhaps we need to think right. Please think these candles alight - think harder. 
Often people think if they just make a bigger effort, work harder, then they'll be able to shine. 
- Perhaps we need to come close to the light (move candles close to central lit candle). Doesn't work!
Often people think that if they go to church, or come to a church school, they'll start to shine.

There is only one way. 
The Christingle tells us that Jesus came from God into our world, 2000 years ago, to be the light of the world, the true light. He is the Truth; he is absolute Love.
The only way for us to shine is if the light comes to each one of us and we personally receive it. We need to allow him to set us on fire for himself. 

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