Monday, September 22, 2014

Seeking what is lost


Based on the story of the widow and the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10)
You will need 11 cut out coins, and possibly a torch

Who likes being told off when they have been bad?
Who likes someone else being told off when they have been bad?
It makes you feel really good.

Jesus tells a story to people who think that they are very good and that others are bad and think that God should punish them.
But it is also a story for people who know that they are bad and who think that God is going to punish them.

It is the story a woman who has 10 coins.

[Tell the story with 10 cut out coins. Count them out into the hand of a volunteer. Then count them out again - this time keeping 2 together so there are only 9. Ask children what she should do. They'll say 'Look for it'. Have an additional coin somewhere in the hall. Look for it yourself, then form a search party etc.] 

Why does she search?  She could have said 'I've got 9. That is enough'.
Because they are precious/important to her

What does she do when she finds them?
She has a party.

Jesus says God is like that.

God is into search and rescue!

He doesn't want to punish people who do bad.
Instead he has come to find people who want to be good, but who find that we do bad - and he comes to rescue us.

Why? Because we are all precious to him, and he doesn't want to lose any of us
When he finds us, he has a big party

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