Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happiness and bubbles

For KS2

You will need some bubbles to blow

What makes you happy?

Blow bubbles (or get a child to blow bubbles)

Happiness is like bubbles.

1. It is beautiful and desirable.

We all want to be happy.

Happiness is connected to what we desire:

Sometimes we need to be unhappy in order to be happy! Think of athlete getting up at 5:30 on the morning to swim for 2 hours. Are they happy? But they are doing it for the greater happiness of being chosen for the Olympic team, and of winning a medal.

The desire for happiness is what drives us.

2. If we try to catch happiness, we will lose it.

The best way to gain happiness is to give it.

This is the secret of happiness. If you are thinking 'why am I so unhappy', can I suggest that you try something? Try to work out how you can make someone else happy. Do something kind for them; give; stand up for a friend even if it means you get hurt; help out at home.

Jesus said that if we want to gain our life, we need to first learn to lose it.

Don't be the person who tries to catch the bubbles, but who makes the bubbles.

3. Happiness is here for a moment and then gone.

We enjoy it and then it is gone

But wouldn't it be great if there was a bubble which never burst, a happiness which lasts for ever?

The problem is that the things we desire are things that will not last: a nice taste in the tummy, money, an experience. But what if we desire something that will last for ever?

That is why Jesus said, 'truly happy are those who hunger and thirst for the things of God'. They will never be let down.

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