Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parable of talents

Based on Luke 19:11-27

There is the story of a Master
(bring child to front as master, and have them stand on chair)
Who had three servants: Hobble, Dobble and Nobble
(bring three other children to front)

Hobble was called hobble, because he hobbled. Dobble was called Dobble because he dobbled (?), and Nobble was called nobble because he nobbled.

The Master was going away, so he called his/her three servants (Master calls)
And he gave them each £1 (actually the story says about £6000, but you can only have £1), and he told them to do business, so that when he came back they could give him the money with interest.

Hobble loved going to the theatre. So he thought, 'Great'. And he put on a production of a new play that he wrote. It was called, 'Willy Wonka and the tall giraffe'.
Dobble loved inventing things. So he thought, 'Great'. He invented a thing: an aeroplane that flew backwards
Nobble loved watching TV and playing on the Wii. So he thought, 'Oh No. If I've got to make money I've got to do something. And if I've got to do something, I can't watch TV or play on the Wii all day'. So he thought and he had a great idea. He got a spade, dug a hole in the garden, burid the money, returned to the lounge, turned on the TV and sat down.

Some time later the master returned. He/She called her servants
(Master calls servants)
'What have you done with my money?'

Hobble came forward. 'We put on a fantastic production. The crowds loved it, especially when Willy Wonka rescued the monkey from the alien space craft by climbing up the giraffes neck. You gave me £1. I can give you £10 back'.
The Master was delighted. He/She said, 'Well done. You can keep that money'

Dobble came forward. 'It was a great design. Slight problem. We forgot to put the cockpit in the back of the plane, so the pilot can only fly using mirrors all the time. But we had a buyer. UDA. It's an Australian company: Upside Down Airlines. We made £5'
The Master was delighted. He/She said, 'Well done. You can keep that money'

Nobble came forward. He knew what he was going to say. 'Master, Master, I was afraid. I know that you are hard. Alan Sugar has got nothing on you. Well I had lots of ideas. I thought I could set up an umbrella shop, but then I thought that it might not rain - and the money would be lost. I thought that I could dig for oil, but then I thought there might not be oil there - and the money would be lost. I thought I could use it to go on a course, but then I thought that I might not get a job afterwards.
So I had a brilliant idea. I dug a hole and kept your money safe. Here it is!'

The master was not happy. Not at all. He/She was very angry. 'I am hard. You know that. You know that I want you to use what I give you. You weren't afraid. You were lazy. Take the money from Nobble and give it to Hobble. He has shown that he can make the best use of it'.

The assembly concludes with you asking the children what the point of the story is. They will almost certainly talk about using your abilities. But the main point for Christians is that one day we will be accountable to God for what he has given us. Jesus is the master who has gone away, but one day he will come back again.

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